5 Best Mountain Bike Tires for Strength & Durability

When you look for durable and sturdy mountain bike tires, you find a lot of brands to choose from. But, we have made a short list with some of the best mountain bike tires to make your job simple. It’s because you know how important a role that the tires of your mountain bike plays.

So, your bike tires are one of the focal points that can win or ruin in the race of mountain bike riding. Also, they’re not much expensive to improve your way of riding performance. There are a lot of issues while finding a top-rated tire like braking traction, installation, and rolling resistance.

Also, you’ll have to consider your riding style, terrain, conditions, and preference while buying high-quality mountain bike tires. No matter you’re seasonal veterans or riding rookie, one thing is the same for all of you.

You need the premium mountain bike tires within you afford if you like to get the maximum from the tires. The reasons are that bike tires may make your riding stable, easier, and above all, more fun. These things have made tires are the most significant part of the mountain bike riding.

Now, let’s know about some of the top rated and incredible mountain bike tires with their buying guides.

Top 5 Mountain Bike Tires 2019

1. Maxxis Minion DHF Mountain Bike Tire

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For its aggressive and strong front-end, the Maxxis Minion DHF mountain bike tire is in the top of the list. This tire manufacturing brand is so famous that you can appreciate it. You’ll get the higher level of confidence with this sturdy tire. So, this tire can take an entry-level rider to the subsequent level.

When you need to get an aggressive turn, you can do it with this tire easily with a large grip. The job surely needs a good practice for you, but you can do it when you get the sensation of the tire locks. Also, you’ll get great support for your sidewall with its tread compound and sturdy casing.

Moreover, the tire provides exceptional grip at lower pressure. Among the other quality, the away winning tire has a relatively square off-edges and square profile. Also, its sidewalls and side knobs, all add to its overall excellence. Even you’ll find the tire fresh looking after riding over 120 miles on different terrain.

So, you’ll love it as your front tire, but you’ll be able to use it as your rear one as well. It’s because it comes with incredible braking traction and great pedal for the rear tire. But, it provides comparatively advanced level rolling support.


  • Excellent grip
  • Highly durable
  • Increased longevity
  • Supportive EXO casing


  • Lower quality hardpack

2. Continental Mountain Bike Tire | Trail King Fold ProTection

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Another top listing in this review has its renowned Black Chili Compound with this mountain bike tires. As a result, you’ll get longer durability, improved grip, and great rolling resistance reduction. Apart from these, its sidewalls also wear quicker than many other elite tires that hold it back slightly.

When it comes to the tread pattern, its excellent rubber treads blends in Germany. Also, the tire has some smaller knobs that provide enough traction on your bike on all terrain. Besides, it’s durable and offers great protection by means of its improved compound. And the casings can beer the amount of abuse your tires endure.

You’ll find added rubber on the top off at the bead. But, its sidewall may get down faster than some other bike tires. The sizes of its tire are great that ranges from 26-inch to 29-inch. Besides, the width range starts from 2.2-inch to 2.4-inch that you can choose as per your needs.

The design of this mountain bike tire enables it to run on different types of terrain for its most components. This is because it comes with an agile and light footprint with the minimum weight. As a result, you’ll find your bike lightweight as well


  • Lightweight design
  • Best for different terrain
  • Tubeless-ready setup
  • Black Chili Compound implementation


  • Sidewall wears faster

3. Maxxis Aggressor

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With amazing durability, weight, and rolling resistance, Maxxis Aggressor is basically good for dry terrain. But, you’re also able to go with muddy and wet conditions with its tight knob. Also, you’ll get a great gripping system as it has high-quality knob shaping.

Besides, Maxxis comes with an EXO casing that prolongs the lifespan of your tire. It’ll help you protect the tire from various issues on the trails with the reinforced side knobs. Moreover, there are 2 different sizes of tires including 27.5-inch and 29-inch with just one width size of 2.3-inch.

In respect of the perfect riding conditions, the tire can go through all types of terrain. These include the simple course of cross-country or heavy mountain riding. But, it’s not an ideal option in muddy and wet conditions for its tight knob. The tire is tubeless-ready that you can use in the proper way.

As a result, this tire will make you free of stress regarding puncture resistance, grip, and speed. But, if you want a longer duration of the tire, you’ll have to avoid riding in wet condition.


  • User-friendly corners
  • Easy to install
  • Balances traction
  • Durable


  • Not good for wet conditions

4. Schwalbe Mountain Bike Tire | Hans Dampf Snake Skin TL-Ready

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Usually, this one is a great balanced tire with good tread pattern. Also, it comes with full control and strong flow on jagged and rough terrain. This tire is not just punctured resistant; it also comes with added stability for the extended haul.

When it comes to the sizes, you can choose your one from 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch. However, you’ll find the default and just one width for the tire is 2.35-inch. Also, this tire likes to hold up adequately over different terrain. But, this tire is likely to dig a bit faster if you use it over a smoother surface.

You’ll find it tubeless-ready tire to put your theme over the tire. In overall review, you’ll find there some legitimate issues that you should measure with it. But, you’ll not get overshadow regarding the issue that the tire needs to know about its unique quality. These include tubeless design and exciting tread pattern.

As you know it enables you to go through a large number of terrains. It’s just possible due to the strong and durable components.


  • Offers precise traction
  • Different Sizes
  • No dead zone for it
  • Lightweight


  • It rolls slowly

5. Maxxis Ardent TR EXO Tire

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This tire is for you to enjoy what it is while living with a massive requirement of wellness dose. Also, it’s quite punctured resistant that you can ride on almost all conditions like a light snowfall. If you go with Maxxis Ardent TR EXO, you’ll get the guarantee of a tire for longer durability.

On the other hand, the tire prolongs its own life. The width of the tire is 26-inch and the thickness is 2.4 that make it one of the great tires. As it has a comparatively open-tread pattern, you need not compromise in wet condition with its grip.

For example, it’s possible to use your bike in all seasons and even in light snowfall. Besides, it’s a tire with the tubeless-ready feature, so you can use it for the maximum output. Also, the tire has been made keeping in mind the great traction and aggressive tread.

Moreover, it’s ideal for accelerating and breaking traction with its center tread for highest rolling assistance. And its Dual Compound (DC) comes with lower resistance focal coupled with additional grip.


  • High-tolerance abrasions
  • Tubeless ready tire
  • Perfect for all seasons
  • Very impressive speed


  • Not good at high air pressure

Things To Consider

Among many other things, you’ll have to ensure a higher TPI before buying mountain bike tires. It’s the way to get better rolling resistance and traction that will keep you safer while riding on the trails. You must secure at least 60PTI, but you need it closer up to 110PTI for the best riding experience.

This way, there are some other essential things that you take on your consideration while buying a mountain bike tire. Well, let’s know what they are that you must consider strongly.


When you think about tires, you always should keep importance on durability. But, the question is why you should do it and what they’re designed in nature. It’s because tires usually abuse without any limit. That’s why the protection for their sidewall along with their durability is very significant.

Also, the stiffness on the tires is one of the major areas that you should analyze. It means that the portion that has been made by the fabric. You’ll find some manufacturers combine their individual technology for the protection. In this way, they add a wide range of tolerance for the tires to the types of unfamiliar nature of terrains.

While you’re riding a bike, you don’t know what things you’re running over. These might be jagged rocks, glass, and small pebbles to name some of the stuff. So, your tire will be punctured prone if it didn’t make with high-quality material. Also, this may happen if the sidewall of the bike has a lack of the right protection.


This is another extremely essential thing to get the right size tire for your bike. So, you should never forget and it’s a no-brainer to buy the tire that matches your bike. Among many others, 26-inch, 27.5-inch, and 29-inch are the most common sizes of tires for a mountain bike.

Also, you should have knowledge about what you need for your current bike tire. And if you do it individually, you should ensure picking the accurate size. But, when you find the sizes in centimeters, it’s not coincident. Usually, it stands for the road bike tire size other than a mountain bike.


Along with the importance of sizes, width is also a great factor to consider. So, you’ll have to pay keen attention to the width of the mountain bike tire. It’s because it plays a big role when it comes to the performance of your tire. If tires have thinner width, they’ll give you lower resistance and roll faster.

Besides, you’ll get durability and more impact on the road if you buy the thicker tires. Moreover, you’ll find your bike probably not be capable to deal with lesser width. For example, if you buy the tire that very thick, it can be unfit on your mountain bike and you’ll not get better clearance.


You know and consider that all type of MTB tires have not been designed to manage all terrain. Also, you should not expect every tire to go with similar conditions exactly because it’ll disappoint you. You’ll need to think about how a mountain bike will be performing on clean pavement and roads.

This is the issue to consider widely when you’ll ride your bike on wet terrain and trails. However, most mountain bike tires take birth for higher abuse than other bike tires. But, some of them have not been designed to ride on muddy and wet conditions. So, be sure about your one and buy accordingly.

Other Things

There are some other things to consider include build material, air pressure, and tire casing. Also, you should think about the weight and front and specific of the tire.


Finally, at the end of this review, we found mountain bike tires are something more than chunky ones. You’ll find their many reasons as they have not become special without any reason. Now you know what the reasons are and how to choose the best one.

Also, we have provided a top list that will help you while you get confused about the best tires. When it comes to the best MTB tires, you’ll have to think of some specific factors wisely. That will make you able to find out the best one and will enable you to get the most out of your tires.