5 Best Mountain Bike Shorts 2022

Being a mountain rider, you must need the type of shorts that you feel the superior comfort. Also, you know how mountain bike shorts are important while riding on the trails. When you have the right mountain bike shorts, you’ll be able to focus on riding and can overcome your aching behind.

But, you’ll find there a lot of choices when it comes to buying shorts. It’s because of the growing popularity of riding on mountain terrain. As a result, you’ll find there a large number of varieties of bike shorts. They have made in some special ways using some special materials as well.

As the manufacturers make these shorts by stretchable components, they offer you complete freedom of your physical movement. Also, if you compare them to some ordinary shorts, you’ll find these bike shorts have been stretched nicely. It’s the matter that significant to keep your body and skin dry while riding a bike.

That’s why you must choose the shorts that can absorb your body moisture successfully. When they’ll keep you dry making out of your moisture, you’ll feel you more relaxed to concentrate on riding. And it’s quite essential to keep you fit enough before the start and during the ride as well.

Also, if you have the best piece of mountain bike shorts, you’ll feel as comfortable as protected. So, when you fail to get the right shorts for mountain bike riding, you’re likely to miss the enjoyment of the sport. As a result, we’re here with reviews of some top and high-quality and comfortable mountain bike shorts.

Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Shorts

1. Przewalski Mountain Bike Shorts For Men

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While you’re looking for wearing independently or snapping in, the Przewalski Mountain Bike Shorts for Men is for you.

These shorts featured with 6.5 inches inseam inner spandex underliner. They come with a high-quality and high-performing pad with silicon made leg grippers.

As a result, you’ll find that their internal shorts getting dried faster. Also, the gripping system has added some extra comfort and ease when you’re on a long-distance ride.

You’ll get the quality crotch of four pieces that have made of multi-density foam for extra durability.

Moreover, it’s also ideal for anti-shock and comfort due to having this type of foam. There is another great feature in these shorts that’s its open-cell structure.

For this feature, they’re easy to transport water so that your body remains dry and fresh. And it’s very important to keep you dry to enjoy your riding.

Besides, these shorts can take out the extra sweat and heat from your body and skin. It’s because they have been made of a special fabric with a 4-way stretch.

Also, you’ll find there some essential pockets, so you can carry some most important things like a smartphone. And their added zipper makes sure the safety of your stuff.


  • Higher visibility
  • Convenient pocket
  • Comes with belt loops
  • Lightweight padding


  • Just one pocket

2. Endura Hummvee | Baggy Mountain Bike Shorts

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It’s true these shorts are somewhat expensive, but they’re essentially very comfortable things. Unlike some other mountain bike shorts companies, Endura usually focuses on comfort and practicality.

However, they never forget their ruggedness that will provide you all features with their mountain bike shorts.

On the other hand, like other MTB shorts, this manufacturer also has multiple pockets. As a result, you’ll be able to carry your essential stuff while riding for along distance.

Also, the pockets have been made of Velcro and zips that are useful during the mountain bike rides.

You’ll find the best combination of durability and design in these shorts. It’s because they have been specially designed for MTB riding and bike couriers keeping in mind.

Also, they have ventilation inside zipping and their nylon fabric is sturdy enough as a water repellent.

They come with internal leg panel seamlessly with the liner of mesh click fast. Also, they have stitched panels of double and triple along with the adjustable belt.

These all have made it as one of the preferable shorts for the mountain bikers.


  • Heavy fabric
  • Quality construction
  • Eight conveniences
  • Many pockets


  • Zipper gauge is heavier

3. Ynport Men’s Fast-Dry Loose Fit Mountain Bike Shorts

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These shorts featured with a hundred percent nylon. As a result, they’re not just lightweight, they’re dry easily and breathable as well.

You’ll find them with a flexible waistband that’s merged well with the design of the shorts. So, you can get your one accordance with your bike and bike shirt’s design.

Apart from being breathable and lightweight, they’re comfortable for their increased flexibility. So, you’ll get some quality shorts made of high-quality nylon material.

The producer has adopted an ergonomic design to make them an easy fit for you.

Its waistband adopts an ergonomic design that makes it easy to adjust the size for your perfect fitting. Besides, they come with zippered pockets where you’ll get their back a lid pocket to carry valuable items.

These shorts are ideal for the most rides like off-road rides in hot weather and mountain bike rides.

Also, you’ll find their shorts have efficiently flat stitch with 100% nylon fabric. Their highly flexible fabric and reflective brand logo. Now, let’s know about some pros and cons of them below:


  • Anti-theft pockets
  • Seamless ridings
  • Lightweight design
  • Highly breathable


  • Inserts no pad

4. TOMSHOO Mountain Bike Shorts

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This is another famous manufacturer that offers the best MTB shorts. These baggy biking shorts specially designed for the mountain riding.

They’re for you if you’re looking for taking your biking proficiencies to some next levels. As they titled as baggy, they simply keep your body dry and cool.

As a result, you’ll get enhanced riding comfort while riding in the most weather conditions. Because of their construction of a 100% polyester fabric, they boast the capacity of moisture-wicking wonderfully.

Besides, they come with a flexible waist that’s ideal for the different sizes of waists for an easy put on/off.

Also, if you like to carry some devices and objects on your trail rides; they’re a great choice for you. Among their five pockets, two are for your hands and other three have been zipped.

Besides, they have designed as loose-fit that included with a flexible waistband. These have made the shorts more comfortable and fit on you.

It’s already said that these shorts have been made of 100% polyester fabric as a much-required feature. It’ll help you wicking moisture stuff for the best breathability and comfort.


  • A lot of pockets
  • Double stitching
  • 100% polyester material
  • Higher breathability


  • Somewhat a bit of snugly

5. SILVINI Mountain Bike Shorts Rango For Men

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SILVINI is one of the top brands when it comes to mountain bike shorts with higher quality. They have been designed uniquely for most aspects like comfort, durability, and performance. Because of the perfect blend of ripstop fabric that comes with polyamide and polyester with a 98:2 ratio.

Also, they have made a loose fitting with a type of non-restrictive design. As they have a mix of ergonomic design and perfect material, they provide excellent comfort and breathability. As a result, they allow you training in all weather conditions and environments with the maximum sturdiness.

Besides, these baggy mountain bike shorts are comparatively tight lycra and look more casual in design. You’ll be able to ride with these shorts in the most ridings like trail, off-road, commuting, and freestyle. Also, when you’re in spins for hours, you’ll get more comfort compared to other tighter ones.

Also, their couple rises up of the knees for the maximum number of riders. You’ll find these shorts made of breathable and lightweight fabric that offers you the highest pleasure. And the feature helps you staying cool as you get off the vaporizing perspiration for your body.


  • Triple stitching
  • 100% waterproof
  • Amazing durability
  • Beautiful design
  • Lightweight & comfortable


  • Issues reported for pockets

How to Choose a Mountain Bike Shorts

As a mountain biker, you know why the best quality shorts are essential for you. But, all of the available brands and models are not as suitable as you’re looking for. You’ll have to consider some particular things while buying MTB shorts and you should know them well previously.

For the mountain bikers, baggy MTB shorts have become an essential part of riding. In this case, you’ll find less restrictive of the off-road bike shorts and they’re more practical as well. But, they’re not just comfortable, they’re stylish and affordable.


At first, you’ll have to decide which type of shorts you prefer to buy – tight or baggy one. This will decide you whether you’re getting the most comfortable one or not. In this case, you’ll find there two different types of shorts out there. If you like to go with the loose fitting one then take baggy shorts.

But, some others may want to get the tight-fitting one as their inner short and choices are yours. However, tighter one may lack outer shell and you can find them tradeoffs as well. Usually, you’ll find more useful baggy shorts while riding a mountain bike.

For road riding, you should choose the spandex ones, but you’ll find there some differences though. Also, baggy ones are handier while you’re using them for a coffee shop or work. On the other hand, if you like to run with your mountain bike, you can consider using spandex shorts.

When it comes to the mountain racers, they always like to use high-quality bob shorts. They’ll keep easing your breathability as the bibs remain perfectly in the back. So, we like to suggest baggy shorts as most people like to use them.


When manufacturers made mountain bike shorts, they use stretchy internal shorts and nylon external shells. So, when you make a plan to buy your bike shorts, you need to think about some factors. For example, the material of the internal shorts should wick your sweat properly.

Also, they should support your muscles perfectly all together. Besides, you’ll have to buy the one that’s long-lasting as well as a bit of water repellent. That’s why you’ll feel cool when you have the shorts with mesh in the upper bibs.

Besides, you also should consider the heaviness of the materials along with their stiffness and stretchability. If you’re looking for more cooling shorts then you’ll have to select the lighter ones. But, carefully check the sound of baggy shells as they make a really louder sound while striking on the pedal.


In your preferred riding position, you should get your mountain bike shorts fit and comfortable. So, you should check them wearing them on your body without seeing them into a mirror. You’ll find there so many shorts in the market, but they should fit you in the standing position flawlessly.

Also, there are some shorts that you don’t need using your underwear. It’s because the shorts come with a pad that will hold tightly your skin in your saddle part. You’ll find them longer in your back if they’re ideal and well-designed mountain bike shorts.

Pockets & Others

Though hip pockets are not much significant; it’s great if you have them. They’ll help you with keeping your phone and car keys. However, you don’t need zips essentially if you have deeper hip pockets. And you’ll get help from fly to popping your waist open in an accident.


Now you know which ones are the best mountain bike shorts and the ways to choose them. Without knowing these, you can feel it challenging to buy the right shorts for you. As a bike rider, you know you’re not safe all the time if you don’t have comfortable shorts.

For this reason, you have to invest in some of the durable and well-designed bike shorts. Also, you can’t take too lightly your budget, style, and preferences as well. It’s because you know how essential the mountain bike shorts are while riding on the complexity.