Top 5 Best Mountain Bike Grips 2022

If you’re one of the bike lovers, we’re sure; you always like prefer the best mountain bike grips for you. It’s because these are not just useful, they’re important accessories as well.

The terrain of the mountains is almost unpredictable. You’ll get good help from the best quality bike grips to develop your riding experience.

Indeed, these grips are essential equipment to some people as the vital relevant interface with them and their bike.

That’s why it’s very essential to look for the right grips for your bike. They as help you keeping your riding smoother as ensure biking experience effortlessly. And when it’s effortless, it enhances your efficiency.

Also, this will enable you covering bigger stretches with biking for more time and long distance. So, you’ll find your inner adventure always resourceful while having the reliable bike grips. In this case, you should not compromise with your overall comfort issue.

However, you’ll find there a wide range of products from different brands. Now, the question is how you can find out the best grips for your mountain bike. The things related to the best bike grips are close to the terrain type where you ride your bike.

In addition, it depends on your overall preparedness and your individual fitness levels that you hold. In this post, we’ll know about the top five mountain bike grips with their buying guide. So, let’s get them with some separate topics below:

Top 5 Mountain Bike Grips

1. Ergon GA2 Grips

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In the crowd of hundreds of mountain bike grips, this model is as popular as best for people. It’s not just a flexible bike grip, it also more stable than other grips. As it has the element of UV stable rubber, it’ll give you a comparatively better tactile touch.

That’s why you don’t need compromise with convenience and comfort. This grip comes with an ergonomic design that offers you easily fit into your hands. Also, as per the movement of your palm, it fits cozily. As a result, you’ll get lesser fatigue on your hands with more organized riding experience.

This grip shows a high-quality and excellent performance with its lightweight design. Also, its inner clamps improve the pressure in overall that enables you exerting on its handle. This product is quite secure, carbon-bar friendly, and it’s designed in Germany exclusively.

As a result, these grips are the combination of comfort as well as durability in all situations. Also, the same thing has been indicated by the user reviews.


  • Less palm fatigue
  • Ergonomic design
  • Easy to handle
  • Lightweight


  • Comparatively expensive

2. RaceFace Half Nelson | Locking Grips

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It’s another all-time popular mountain bike grips among other brands and models in these days. No matter which parameters you use to judge it, you’ll get the highest expertise from this grip.

When you touch its rubber compound, you’ll find it tacky, but it’s not as soft as you think. Also, it’s enough sturdy and unlike other brands that give you unreliability. As it suites for the different weather types, it comes with the thicker surface of its inner grip.

This is the way the grip improves its traction when it’s in wet weather. Moreover, the moisture channels of the topography let the right grip in wet condition. In a larger extent, it obviously enhances the grip’s functionality as well.

Also, you’ll find this product as one of the lightweight items with lock-on technology in a single grip. There is a wide range of colors that allow you choosing your desired ones.


  • Really user-friendly
  • Lightweight design
  • Super thin
  • Well geared


  • Slightly expensive

3. Lizard Skins | Peaty Grips Lock-On

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B0127A4CFO” ]

As you need riding in all terrain, this grip with double lock is simply great. You’ll get the soft texture that will give you grip with gloves and even without gloves. Also, it’s comparatively durable considering its soft feel and great look.

When you ride a wider distance of trails, you’ll get better damping from this grip. Along with the long grip, it comes with the tow lock-rings system and has end caps as well. Also, its width radius is another wise selection for you while looking for the best grips.

You’ll get this manufacturer on the website where they offer various colors for inner and outer lock-rings and you can choose from there. Besides, it’s one of the signature grips for one of the most mountain bike winners of all-time.

The Lizard Skins looks like thinner grip, but you’ll get the best result from it. Also, there are well-defined lines of the pattern of the grip that’s hooked up well accordingly. And, you’ll find the better suite with this grip personally.


  • Great build materials
  • Lock-ring system
  • Riding dirty
  • Easy to use


  • Screws strip easily

4. ODI Rogue Bike Grips | Lock-On Black

[sc name=”amz” asin=”B07CQ3KD3G” ]

These grips are very simple to install with the options of the perfect-fitting. This has made them one of the best grips for your mountain bike. As their clumps are made of aluminum, they’re durable and high-performing in various terrains.

Also, they’re offering very soft with the alternatives of super hard. On the other hand, these grips are comparatively less hard, so they’re comfortable. But, simultaneously, they’re not as soft as you can yield easily with your pressure or strength.

With each of their pack, you’ll get Bonus Pack of 4 bolts of 2.5mm. And their lock-on gripping system works great with jaws that are locked as well. These all together, they come in with improved and basic support that’s enlarged to you.

You’ll find the overall grip quality relatively tight than many other brands and models. But, this thing you’ll get very much useful for you when you have the bigger palms. As a result, you’ll get rid of palm fatigue reasonably over a continued time.


  • Very sturdy
  • Much durable
  • Good for larger palms
  • Comfortable


  • Not quite versatile

5. FIFTY-FIFTY | Dual Lock-on Bike Grips

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As this brand uses a universal design, you can use its grips universally for any riding type. But, you’ll be able to fit them on your bike’s handlebar snugly and securely. Also, you can rotate them to your convenient position wherever you feel most comfortable.

Moreover, its padded areas give you a higher shock absorbing levels while riding. Also, you’ll free of annoying tingling or hand cramps on when you ride. There are end caps with simple and straightforward installations that are passed away while removing the grips for changing and cleaning.

Besides, there is a high-friction rubber that gives you better grip in all conditions and weather. You’ll get bigger rib on your finger’s area as you need extra grip. When it comes to the shock abortion, there is a small pad with ribbed on your palm side.

Also, you’ll get better traction in your palm area as there is patterned off the wider hive. There are multiple colored grips that will suite with your bike’s frame color. And its dual-lock build provides you safety placing handlebars in place.


  • Secure riding
  • Easy to use
  • Diffident colors
  • Dual-lock system


  • Fairly expensive

What to Look for in Mountain Bike Grips

When you have an average grip in your bike, you may experience painful hand while you’re riding. If it is very hard of thin grips, they don’t absorb vibration and shock from the trails. So, you should get a new set of grips if you find your hand/ forearm is getting pain.

But, note that there are some factors you should consider while persisting this type of issue. Now, let’s know about some things that you should consider before you buy mountain bike grips.


This is the first and most important factor that all mountain biker consider. Also, it’s one of the biggest determining factors how easily you’re using your bike grip. It’s because if you’re not comfortable with your bike grip, you’re unable to ride it smoothly.

On the other hand, you need to get the proper pressure on the hand and wrist to extend them the right way. Furthermore, you have to find the one that’s sufficiently durable and easy to install.


When you consider the comfort of your bike grip, you should think about its right pressure as well. You might know the pressure is the matter that gets into your hand and wrist while riding. In this case, it should be feeling much comfortable as per the law of thumb.

Apart from this, while you have a proper grip on your bike, it’ll help you reduce your wrist’s pressure. In the same way, it helps to extend your hand and wrist as well. As a result, you’ll be able to ride your mountain bike comparatively longer distance in a single go.

Moreover, this is the way that will help you reducing fatigue levels of your hands. The main thing it does that simply spreads out its pressure to some wider areas. That’s why your hand and wrist get enough air to feel free of stress.

Ergonomic Construction

When it comes to the right ergonomic option, you’ll find it with the best brand’s bike grips. With a great degree of bike grip, you’ll get over-all functionality and design that match with essential ergonomic designs.

Also, you should look for improving the convenience component and user-friendliness in most cases.

Open Ends

This is another great feature you’ll find in most bike grip is its open ends. In this issue, you’ll find both sides of the grid are opened. For this reason, you can slide easily that depends on the placement you comfort most.

While deciding the best bike grips, these are quite an essential feature to consider. It’s true you’ll get more features in the individual brands, but you’ll have to get these all things considered.

Moreover, you should always think about the availability of longevity, popularity, and durability. Also, some weather conditions of your region can take part in a vital part in this issue.

Fixing Method

As a mountain biker, you know well that there are two different types of grips. One is a slide-on grip that doesn’t get displaced with friction and the other one is lock-on grips.

When it comes to lock-on grip, it has 1 or 2 locking rings with plastic sleeves to hold in place safely. Also, you’ll find rotating tendency on slide-on grips when dirt or rain go under them. But, lock-on grips don’t rotate unpredictably like slide-on grips.

However, it weighs somehow more because of its additional material. In these two methods, the lock-on system is more popular and you can consider buying this one.

Material / Compound

If you look for silicon built grips, you’ll find them lightweight. But, they’re not as durable as you expect and they’re damage prone in crashes. Their softer materials can be somewhat tackier like tires. Also, they’ll provide you strong control over them, but they’re likely to be worn out soon.

Besides, if you choose the harder materials, they produce less damping vibration but it may reason for your hand fatigue. In this case, lock-on grips come handy as they have a sleeve with hard plastic under their grip. So, you’ll find the best thing is that a thicker grip that will absorb all types of shocks.

Other Things

Apart from the above-said things, there are some more things that you should consider while buying a bike grip. These include grip’s profile, shape & length, and bar plugs.


Finally, while you’re looking for the best mountain bike grips, hopefully, the above-said list will help you. You’ll find there reliable and the most surprising choices for you. They’re able to meet the basic needs of your mountain bike grips and they’re products of the best value as well.

Also, these bike grips have made for quality that’s consistently staying in the top of the global market. Although there are some top product’s reviews, you should keep in mind the considerable things we mentioned above.