10 Best Mountain Bike Brands 2022

In the 1970s, mountain biking started as a part of sports and then it got the bicycle form. After that, the manufacturers discover lighter and sturdier bikes that can overcome the challenge of mountainous regions. Currently, these bikes are just not for professionals, they’re for everyone who likes to get rocky terrain thrill.

When it comes to the mountain bike brands, you’ll find countless companies that offer quality bikes. Some of the mountain bikers like to know the history, background, and company’s ethos. These also play a major role and impact while someone going to buy a new rig.

But, you can feel difficulties to find a good bike brand as there are many brands to select from. Also, the brands we’re going to discuss are stand out as the top list to us.

So, we’re going to introduce some of the best and famous mountain bike brands with their brief history. Also, you’ll know about the top and latest model bikes of each selected companies. Moreover, we’ll discuss some essential information like what sets the brands top from others and other information.

1. Diamondback

Diamondback was founded in the late 1970s and it was focused on BMX bikes primarily. But, the company has been able to establish itself as one of the reputable companies in the industry. Once upon a time, this brand was a famous household name and its bikes were considered as the best.

For example, if you look back to the mid-1990s, you’ll find Viper BMX and WCF carbon is longtime poplar bikes at that time. But, it gets drawback after changing the ownership of the company. And they start focusing on less expensive models with big-box-store.

But, the brand has been determined to get back its previous reputation over the last few years. After spending a lot of days to present something best to their customers, they have some new model bikes. Now let’s know about some of their great discovers for the mountain bikes.

Diamondback Bicycles Sync ‘r Pro 27.5

We’re going to know about the Sync ‘r Pro that’s a bike wit hardtail. It means that this bike comes with just a single front suspension. As the bike has different sizes, you can choose your suitable one according to your height and comfort.

Among other features, the bike ha a 130mm travel fork of the Fox Performance 34 Float. Also, you’ll get three position levers with the option of external adjustments and an open cartridge. As a result, you’ll get a smoother ride from a lot of models that allow you to fine-tune the suspension.

Diamondback Bicycles Overdrive Carbon Comp 29

This bike has been designed with high performance in mind and another hardtail mountain bike from Diamondback. That’s why if you’re a seasoned rider then this bike is a great option for you.

With the feature of cutting-edge technology, the bike comes with the top-of-the-line carbon composition. Also, you’ll get the bike in different sizes and heights for different sizes of people. It provides advanced stopping power with the feature of Shimano hydraulic disc brakes.

2. Giant

Another world’s best brand for cycling, Giant Manufacturing founded in 1972. It’s surprising that there are a few factories that produce a wide number of bikes. Among these larger sources, Giant Manufacturing is one of them that thousands of people depend on.

When they produced their in-house bike, it was a bit later in 1981 and was specialized in the Stumpjumper. But, these days, it’s difficult to discuss Giant with no mentioning their Trance line. This is their all-terrain bike that’s running since the beginning and still similarly famous.

You may know that Specialized and Trek have got their brand’s world recognition. But, in this industry, Giant is a major player than these two brands. You can choose Giant not just for their competitive price; they have a solid reputation as well. That means, despite being not forefront innovative, their bikes are a great return of value.

Giant Anthem Advanced 29 1

This is not just a mountain bike; it’s a true cross-country racing bike as well. It’s as quickly evident as appreciated while riding over the singletrack properly. Also, it’s built control over sheer sections of trail, so it can be pedaled quickly while in competition.

Among other features, it has an aluminum rear triangle and carbon frame with a Fox Float Shock and Maestro suspension. Moreover, there is 90mm rear wheel along with a front wheel of a carbon XCR 1 29. Also, it has a carbon seatpost sans dropper that makes your riding without measuring time and distance.

Giant Trance Advanced Pro 29

This bike simply is one of the best mountain bikes with a lot of positive reviews of its users. It comes with just 115mm suspension, but you can ride it as its 160mm for the slack head and long reach angle. However, you’ll don’t need to lose the snappiness of the bike of cross-country.

In addition, Giant has doubled its commitment to making its setup to the new stage. This world’s leading bike manufacturer has used the geometry for this bike and for other popular models. Bike expert says about the bike that it’s flare to the convention, no a flare of thing coming up.

3. Trek

Wisconsin-based Trek is one of the largest bike brands in this industry produces high-quality bikes. In the same way, their mountain bikes are formidable, well-known for their road bikes though.

The Fuel EX is one of the famous models that come as a jack of all trades with long-standing offers. And Trek has done a lot of things for it in the last ten years.

Trek always remains relevant for its bikes and it has brought them consistently good feedback. It’s, partly, because Trek stays true to its promises by supporting and sponsoring athletes.

Besides, they always like to offer and stood behind their products like frames with a lifetime warranty. Also, we should mention that Trek is one of the big brands that offer you to completely customize the bike. As a result, these things have made us the courage to enlist this brand on this list.

Top Fuel 9.8 SL

If you want to go through your desired tracks within the shortest period of time, this bike is great for you. So, you’ll be able to reach your target no matter it’s a trail of bombed down or it’s a higher uphill.

It’s not just lightweight; it also comes with some components of high-end. These include a Fox Performance DPS suspension and a 100mm RockShox SID RL fork.

Also, you’ll get Shimano XT hydraulic disc brakes with a 12-speed SRAM GX Eagle groupset. Besides, this could be your personal race bike if you’re one of the mountain bike racers who is looking for a great bike.

Roscoe 24

This bike is for you if you’re older children and like to get the riding skills off-road. As the bike has 24-inch wheels and 2.8-inch tires, it’s ideal for the riders between 4’2” to 5’3”.

Moreover, it has 2.8-inch tires and Tektro mechanical disc brakes with a 1×8-speed Shimano groupset. These all have made it a high-quality mountain bike for younger riders. Because they know how to ride trails; this one is for the older children as well.

4. Specialized

California based Specialized Bicycle Component, Inc was founded in 1974 by Mike Sinyard. The company primarily imported their bike components from Italy, but they started producing them on their own since 1981.

And in the same year, they started producing their stump jumper mountain bikes as their first mass production. Besides, they have classified their mountain bikes under different categories.

For example, they have all-mountain, cross-country, trail, gravity, fat bike, recreational, and women’s. Now let’s know about some of their popular mountain bike models.

Epic HT 2017

The Specialized Epic HT 2017 comes with a super light frame that’s just about 1175 grams. Although it was the best of their mountain bikes in 2017, it’s still too much popular.

It’s the lightest and strongest ever from this company as the best mountain racing bike. The bike comes with the grounded geometric design, so you’ll get benefit from traveling uphill.

The best features of this mountain bike are Roval Control wheels with 11-speed SRAM shifting.

Women’s Camber 2017

If you get the Specialized Women’s Camber mountain bike, it’ll possibly provide the taste of $3000 to $6000 bikes. So, this is one of the leading mountain bikes for women’s biking.

This is not all about it; the unisex frame design with carbon fiber has made it great. Also, this mountain bike is ideal for women and men with short height.

5. Santa Cruz Bicycles

It’s true Santa Cruz Bicycles are not much familiar in the cycling world that founded in 1994. But, this brand is making its position as a major player in the industry with its 13 different models.

But, on their growing terrain, they’re not compromising with quality and boutique-brand feels. As a result, the brand has produced some popular mountain bike models over the years.

2018 Santa Cruz Nomad

This is the 4th generation bike that has expanded with the newest version in this model. The core point that needs to focus on is the copious testing to make sure the maneuverability.

As this bike applies downhill knowledge with the evolution of the V10, it’s very beneficial for bikers. While riding with this bike, you’ll find the most possible benefits from it for mountain trials.

2018 Santa Cruz Hightower LT

If you’re a rider that takes on mountains frequently then this spinoff of the Hightower bike is for you. Basically, this model was built for the race events of the Enduro World Series (EWS) and Andes Pacifico, Crankworx.

As it was not enough measurement of 135mm, they made its travel up to 146mm. That’s why it’s a type of mountain bike that needs to be a real mountain rider.

6. Cannondale

Cannondale is a Connecticut-based bike producing company that’s known for its designing bikes. With the unique Headshok and one-sided Lefty fork, you’ll find some of their designs are noteworthy and polarizing.

But, their oversized aluminum tubing has set them apart. Since the 1980s, Cannondale is producing bikes with lightweight frames out of steel. Although the brand has lost its previous popularity in the last decade, after the 90s, their Volvo restored their fame.

Cannondale Habit Carbon 3

Habit Carbon 3 of Cannondale production line is one of the best mountain bikes with the new130mm-travel. This bike is made without any whiff and lefty technology, but it has a tried-and-true suspension with modern geometry.

So, if you want to get the best performance then this one is great with the great suspension. Also, it’s capable in tough and rough terrain where you’ll find the suspension shining.

Cannondale F-Si

As it’s well-known for making things different, Cannondale provides the F-Si hardtail bike for a mountain race. Its striking Lefty Ocho fork is the most exciting feature that allows you to forgo the great designing.

While its fork runs on pine needle bearings, it makes itself sensitive and plush to little hits. Moreover, this bike almost not troubles the balance as it’s coming in at an 8.4kg in its top spec.

7. GT Bicycles

Since the time of its inception in the 1970s, GT Bicycles has seen so many trends that have come and gone. The industry has changed many ways from its beginning, but the pure fun of bike riding remains unchanged.

And it’s one of the serious issues for GT to provide fun with their mountain bikes. That’s why they like to get success through their all products they offer to the riders.

Among the many models, there are some popular mountain bikes. These include Fury Carbon Expert, GT Karakoram Comp, and GT Pantera Comp. Now, let’s know about them.

Fury Carbon Expert

If you’re looking for a bike with high-quality suspension then the Fury Carbon Expert from GT is for you. Its Schwalbe tires not just provide you strong control over your ride, they’re durable as well.

As it has 27.5-inch Magic Mary Bikepark tires, you’ll get an amazing grip to avoid on road’s slipping. When it comes to the gear system, you’ll find it comes with a Shimano gear that’s seamless.

GT Karakoram Comp

The GT Karakoram Comp is one of the Karakoram family bikes and it’s a cross-country bike. This bike has made history and is suitable for new mountain riders as well.

Apart from this, if you’re veterans, you also can use this bike. Moreover, the bike provides less extra riding and more casual with its 29-inch wheels.

8. Yeti

This is Yeti founded in 1985 if you look for a brand that you hanker after above all others. The brand has a long-standing history in mountain racing as a now-rider-owned company. For the formidable riders, the brand is famous for looking for foster and younger talent.

Besides, Yeti comes with mixed things with its unique and aggressive geometry in terms of famous models. This brand is well-known for three main things like color, frame, and the unique rear suspension.

It’s true the company focuses on riders, but their bikes are well-made without compromising with quality. Among many others, some of their popular brands are The SB100, The SB5 LR, and The SB4.5. Well, let’s know about them in brief.

The SB100

Yeti has described The SB100 as their “Genre Killing XC Bike.” On the other hand, it’s made for XC, for example, cross-country riding. Also, you’ll find the lightest frame with the shortest travel in every option of Yeti.

Moreover, it has a 68-degree head angle that’s combined with an offset fork of 44mm. as a result, this bike is long front center with the longer-than-typical chainstay.

The SB5 LR

If you’re fond of riding each day at lunch, you’ll like The SB5 LR, so it stands for “Lunch Ride”. As it’s a company ethnicity, you can go behind it.

Besides, its suspension is stouter that comes with all-mountain bike approach. Also, you’ll love this bike as it has the higher end Turq Series carbon frame.

9. Scott

Ed Scott is the founder of the brand and it introduced the first mountain bike in 1986. After that, it produced ‘Unishock’ that’s its first mountain bike with full-suspension.

And lately, the brand introduced their triple mode shock adjustable bike that named Genius. The said triple modes are all-travel, lock-out, and traction mode.

In addition, the brand is a partner with the US Military Endurance Sports Organization. As a result, it offers Scott equipment to the Elite Triathlon Team and the US Domestic Elite Road Team.

Some of its popular models of a mountain bike are including Scott Genius 900, Scott Contessa Scale 710, and Scott Scale 970. So, let’s know about them.

Scott Genius 900

With a 150mm travel, the Genius 900 goes on a full carbon frame. It also controls the rear suspension with its Fox Float fork. That’s why while going downhill; it switches to handle the shock’s response.

Also, you’ll find its frame can ride a pair of 29-inch wheels or its smaller sized wheels like 27.5-inch.

Scott Contessa Scale 710

Typically built for women, the Scott Contessa Scale 710 is one of the best Scott mountain bikes. With a 100mm fork travel suspension, the bike has an aluminum alloy frame of the 710 features.

Keeping in mind of the experienced riders, it’s built as a high-performance bike. As its frame is designed at the way, you can stay in an upright position while riding. This is the thing that’s quite useful while cycling uphill.

10. Kona Bikes

Kona has achieved a nice spot that has got a very fewer brand out there after founded in 1998. They offer bikes with large levels of ability but stay to the roots of the community. More than anything else, their mountain bikes have focused on more about fun.

As Kona also focuses on the type of bikes of pavement-oriented previously, it hits a little at that time. But, the brand is enlisted as back on the map because of their hardtail Honzo full-suspension and Process models.

There are many popular mountain bikes in their production line. Some of them are including Hei Hei CR LD, Kona Process 153 27.5, and Libre DL. So, let’s know about them.

Hei Hei CR LD

As the marathon and cross-country races get burlier each year, the Hei Hei CR LD has handled this abuse.

You’ll get a combination of a responsive ride and featherweight along with its 1×12-speed SRAM-GX-Eagle drivetrain and Race-Light carbon frame.

Also, the bike is complemented by 100mm in the rear and 120mm front travel.

Kona Process 153 27.5

Process 153 27.5 is another award winner bike of the last year comes with a real value of your money. It has aluminum stays for more durability with the new addition of carbon frame.

Also, it has built with 16omm front/153mm rear travel and in the Beamer suspension platform. Its Guide R brakes come with confirmed stopping strength in a touch with the SRAM GX Eagle drivetrain.


You’re at the end of the reviews of the top 10 best mountain bike brands. And, we’re hoping you have got some authentic ideas about different brands of a mountain bike.

So, you’re now confident what brand of mountain bike you’ll buy and ride for your own. We have tried our best by providing essential information regarding different brands.

Also, these will be helpful to find the right one from the different models of the top brands. And the brands that we discussed above, all of them are higher scoring and hopefully will match your need and your budget as well.