Best Cycling Computer with Cadence and Heart Rate

If you want to measure your progress and exercise, it’s a great way to do that using a good quality cycling computer with cadence and heart rate. As you’re cycling regularly as a hobby or exercise, you’re possibly aware of how beneficial it is. It’s not just a type of stress reliever; it’s also a great cardiovascular workout and plain fun.

When it comes to the best bicycle computers, they’re able to measure all things of your workout. These include all small and big measuring factors like your speed, heart rate, and many more. Also, they’ll measure your traveled distance and how long it’ll take to reach there.

But, you’ll find there hundreds of bicycle computers, so it’s somewhat difficult to choose the best one. Also, there are some top quality bicycles as well. And the good news is that you’ll get there some features that will enable you shopping your ideal piece.

Moreover, if you want to know the entire scenery regarding cycling computer then simply continue reading. It’s because this content will make you known about all things while you’re going to buy a bike computer.

Top 5 Cycling Computer with Cadence and Heart Rate

1. CAT EYE – Padrone Wireless Bike Computer

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From the renowned production house of CAT EYE, Padrone Wireless Bike Computer has seven unique colors. As it’s all about simplicity, you’ll get your all favorite stats. These include current, maximum, and average speed, trip distance, heart rate tracking, total distance, clock, and elapsed time display.

In addition, you don’t need to start afresh whenever you have to change the battery. It’s because there is an option to save you miles. Also, it prevents the buttons or navigating menus getting in the middle of your riding enjoyment.

When you need to toggle through various functions, you just need to press the base. Moreover, you can move the computer by your hand and it’s easy to mount as well adjust.


  • Easy to use
  • Manual settings
  • FlexTight bracket
  • Displays all stats


  • Vulnerable external interference

2. Velo Wireless Bike Computer

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These days, the latest high-end computer bicycles are getting new updates constantly with more features. But, the Velo Wireless Bike Computer has continued remaining unmoved for years. And it’s still one of the best bike computers with its options.

As it’s said this bike computer is not a piece of complicated cycle computer, it comes at an affordable cost. It’s true it doesn’t have the GPS tracking, but it does the jobs perfectly that need for your cycling. You’ll need to use less time setting up the gear and can get more time on while on the way.

Besides, it’ll cover you up while you’re stuck at a red light or for a coffee. That means this computer knows when you get stopped then stops automatically. In many other features, heart rate tracking is one to name.


  • Secure mount
  • Easy to use
  • Great value
  • Accurate data


  • No backlight

3. CAT EYE – Strada Wireless Universal Bike Computer

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It’s one of the best-selling mountain bike computers comes with an improved wireless system. The computer has a wide distance of transmission which is up to 27 inches. Thanks to its Cat Eye Click Tech interface, the model has got the popularity among others.

This bicycle computer not just come in seven modes, it also displays different speeds and trip distance. Also, you’ll find easy-to-read and larger numerals along with some essential features. As there is an indicator for Up/Down pace, you can compare your current and average speed.

And, it’s an absolute doddle while you’re using this bicycle computer. Above all, you’ll get a programmable odometer plus speed unit with it.


  • Wireless system
  • Waterproof design
  • Easy to use
  • FlexTight bracket


  • Annoying Rattle

4. IGPSPORT IGS50E Bike Computer Wireless

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You should consider the iGPSPORT iGS50E when you’re looking for the best GPS bike computer. It comes with a package of well-rounded and at a reasonable price. With a lower price tag, you’ll get some amazing features in this computer. These include live tracking, heart rate tracking, sharing ride, and instant uploading.

Moreover, it also allows you locating your current position quickly. Because of its automatic pause option, it’ll not be an issue to turn your computer on/off. When it comes to its connectivity, this GPS bike computer comes with a Bluetooth Smart and ANT+ connectivity.

You’ll find a micro USB charger to charge the device and it can withstand rides while it’s raining. These all have made it one of the best cycling computers these days.


  • Shows all data
  • Bluetooth 4.0
  • ANT+ connectivity
  • Micro USB charger


  • Frustrating Set-up

5. Bryton Rider 10 GPS Cycling Computer

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If you’re with a lower budget, but want a high-efficient cycling computer, Bryton Rider 10 is for you. This bike computer is not just strong like an elephant; it’s also light like a feather. As a result, it’s a match winner with its powerful, compact, and sleek design.

With a wide range of potentialities, this bike computer comes with a lot of useful features. It’s true you’ll need some more times to master in it for the first time. But, it’s nothing impossible and you’ll be able to use it easily within a few days. It that said you can learn how to use it effectively with diligence and time.

Besides, it has been equipped with wireless ANT+ connection along with Bluetooth connectivity. Also, you have the option to connect it with your smartphone that will provide you an on-screen notification. Apart from, these, there are some tabs to know heart rate, temperature, gradient, and altitude.


  • Longer battery life
  • Easy to set up
  • Very affordable
  • ANT+ connectivity


  • Difficult to navigate

Things to Consider

It’s always a difficult thing what you should consider before buying a cycling computer with cadence and heart rate. It differs from one people to another with types of requirements and their consideration. But, there are some common things to consider when it comes to the best bike computer.

Usually, these factors help you to determine the right combination that gives you peace of mind. Well, let’s know about some major considering factors that will help you find out the best one.

Backlit Computer

When cycling bike computer comes with backlit, you’ll be able to see your stats even in low light. But, if you don’t have backlit with your bike computer, you should keep extra light during cycling.

As a result, you have to consider having a bike computer with backlit while buying one of them. Also, we recommend getting one that you can see the computer monitor clearly.

Wireless Technology

If you buy a wireless bike computer, you’ll find it as easy to install as maintain as well. Also, you can set it up wherever you want on the handlebars. This will make you relaxed and don’t need adjusting your handlebar if you pull the wire.

On the other hand, the cadence and its components attached simply to crank, flywheel, or fork of the bike. But, when it comes to the wired bike computer, you need to take the wire throughout your bike’s frame and other moving parts.

This is not just difficult to set up, it also looks somewhat nasty. That’s why wireless technology is the best solution to these issues. And you should consider it while buying a cycling computer for your own.

RPM (Revolution Per Minute)

When you make a turn with your foot from top to bottom, it’s called a cadence or RPM. While you’re working out with online cycling apps or in the gym, RPM is a great and essential factor to consider. Also, it helps you control your workout intensity and the pace of your pedaling.

Moreover, if you want to build your personal achievement sense on various resistance levels, this is a good way to follow your bike’s RPM. You’ll find these types of bike computers in our review as well.

Cycling Watts

Cycling bike watts is the type of calculation of the power that you transmit on each stroke into the pedal. When you apply more force on the pedal, you’ll be able to create more power or watts. Also, it displays what your current and total watts are while the session ends.

As it doesn’t calculate how fast they ride, it measures how fast they work, so the majority cyclist trains with the watts. And you’ll find this option on some of the best cycling bike computers.

Trip Distance

You should buy your bike computer with cadence sensors to get measured how far you have gone while working out. When you have a goal of reaching every day, you’ll find tracking your distance is a useful feature.

Luckily, in this review, you’ll find most of the bike computers have this option. In this way, you can know what the distance you have run in the odometer, kilometer, or mile.

Heart Rate Monitor

It’s another great and very essential feature that you should strongly consider to get while buying a cycling computer. It counts the rate of the number every time when your heart beats. There is a definite amount of heart rate in the minimum and maximum number that you need to maintain during your cycling exercises.

This will help you by improving your heart condition as well as your fitness. Especially, it’s much essential while doing some types of HIIT workout that known as ‘spin bike intervals’. Also, sometime you’ll get a recommendation of the specific amount of heart rate by your physicians.

Calories Burned

When you’re maintaining your body weight or trying to lose some extra fat, it’s important to know your calorie burning proportion. It’s because it’ll help you determine what amount of food you should eat every day.

As a result, getting the feature of calorie calculator is a very vital factor while seeking for the best cycling computer. You’ll find this feature on most cycling bike computer consoles.

Other Things to Consider

Apart from the above-said features, there are some more things to consider in this case. These include speedometer, time, and stats of max and average as well as ANT+ and Bluetooth technology.


From the above discussion, it’s easy to understand that buying a cycling computer is a daunting task. So, it’s quite essential to get a clear idea about what features you need while buying a cycling computer with cadence and heart rate.

And hopefully, this buying guide will help you if you’re looking for the best one.